Thursday, April 28, 2011

There's Something About Mexi...

Pregnancy has been progressing rather well, i think. I'm about finished with my first trimester and, to this point, my "morning sickness" has been more like "off-and-on all-day nausea" -- but i'm not complaining; i've heard what some other women go through!!  In fact, i'm finally getting back to the point where i have more good days than bad ones.  Today started out a little rough, but i felt better once the smell of tacos wafted down from the cafeteria.  I don't know what it is about Mexican food, but it seems to be just the thing i need when i'm feeling gross... 7-layer taco dip, burritos, corn chips & fresh salsa, you name it!  I also have been enjoying Italian (penne with rosa sauce, meatball subs), but nothing seems to hit the spot quite as well as Mexican.

(except, maybe, toast)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pleasant Surprises :)

We had a couple nice surprises at my OB appointment this morning:

(1) I don't have gestational diabetes (yet)
(2) The OB we met with was a very nice (albeit slightly ADHD) man, who told us "God Bless You" as we left -- I continue to be surprised at the level of importance religion carries at this practice (which is not something they advertise, but is something i love)
(3) We got a surprise ultrasound (for free) today -- the OB couldn't find the baby's heartbeat with the doppler, so he suggested we pop across the hall and look at it :)

Pictures to follow soon!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bus Driver, Move that Bus!

Time for the big reveal -- you know, that thing i was reticent to discuss over the last few weeks...

I'm pregnant :)
As of tomorrow, I'll be 12 weeks
Our Little♥One is due approx. 7 November 2011
Tomorrow is also our second appointment with the OB & the first that The♥Hubster will be attending
We were really excited for this particular appointment, since it would be the first time we heard the baby's heartbeat, but... The♥Hubster's darling sister rented a doppler for 6 months for my birthday & we were able to hear the heartbeat 2 weeks ago!! Not that the appointment is any less important -- i have to do my first fasting blood sugar (fingers crossed against gestational diabetes!!)

I guess the next *big* milestone will be the ultrasound (week 19) or quickening -- i'm not sure which will get here first :)

I think it'll come as no surprise that, in the knitting department, i've started pattern collection for a million adorable little pieces i hope to work on this summer.  There will be some I can start now & some more gender-specific pieces that will have to wait until after the u/s.
Also on the slate for this summer -- figuring out what to do for a nursery...