Monday, March 17, 2014

101 update

We had snow today & I (re)finished Bug's aran sweater just in time -- except he wasn't too thrilled to wear it (because it covered his St. Patty's shirt) & I think this may be the last cold snap of the year, so it's looking like "Bug's aran" (#17) is going to become "Ducky's aran" (#18).

Here's a quick picture of the before & after, followed by a photo of Bug modeling it...

The only thing I'm currently making progress on right now is my 30 days without caffeine -- I decided to give it up for Lent, because it's kind of a weird thing to have to explain to people otherwise... I'm still dragging a bit, but my headaches stopped within a few days. Yesterday morning I looked at the calendar & realized, sadly, that I still have 5 whole weeks left without coffee or chocolate (or Diet Dr. Pepper, &c.)... it's going to be a long 35 days...


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

lost momentum...

As the title of this post suggests, things have slowed with my 101 in 1001... life has gotten busy, both at home & at work. My knitting projects have stagnated as I prepare to fix H's accidental crop-top sweater -- i've reknit the bottom & just need to graft the pieces together... but i've never done such a large graft, much less one in-pattern (of celtic cables, no less!!)... the thought is daunting.