Sunday, May 25, 2014

behind the curve...

i realized today that, in order to stay on pace with my 101 in 1001, I should have completed 14 things by now... and i've only done 8. this is not *terribly* disheartening, since many of the things i'm working on take multiple days & may finish around the same time... but it keeps me on-task!


Friday, May 16, 2014

Slow, but steady...

I haven't posted in a while, but my "in progress" goals are coming along -- and i'm counting down the days until summer break when i can really dive into some of the others.

Our elementary school's knitting club is going to be making up the pieces for the installation. I will be helping join, tag, & do the actual installing of the knitted pieces. The date of the yarn-bombing is set for early June, so check back soon to hear more about it!

Debbie's Scarf:
I haven't had much time to knit lately & i've been binge-reading whenever i have a moment to myself, but i've made time for a few rows every other day (or so) & it's coming along nicely. I hope to have it finished & in her hot-little-hands before school breaks for summer.

5K Running Plan:
I started tracking my exercise with RunKeeper & i love it! I have a few family members & friends that use the same app. They have been a great encouragement to me ☺ I have missed a couple workouts, but do not intend to make them up at this time, since they are repeats of runs i have already done... if i can fit them in later, i will, but i won't be too upset if i can't. I've signed up for a mud-run with my sister-in-law & a friend from undergrad in July & i'm very much looking forward to it... though maybe not running in the heat!

Weight Loss:
I don't want to talk about it. Apparently I'm gaining weight instead of losing it. "Muscle weighs more than fat," i know, i know. i'm not bulking up on muscle either. i just need to get my eating habits in check!

More soon (+ pictures!)...