Thursday, July 31, 2014

playing catch-up! (cont'd)

re: Around the House
On the 4th of July (actually in the few days prior), I made whoopie pies -- i even got my great-grandmother's filling recipe from my mother! They turned out well & were a big hit :) Well worth all the "trouble."
Also, I finally finished the nursery & Ducky has been happily spending his naps & nights in his new(ly completed) room.

re: Serving Others
Nothing to report here, other than -- now that Ducky has weaned -- I'll be on the lookout for opportunities to donate blood. Also, Bug was digging through my basket of his birth paraphernalia & it has lit the fire under my tush to hurry up & update the baby book information before it gets ruined by sitting in a basket for too long!

re: Other
Potty training is still coming along... I imagine Bug will be diaper- & pull-up-free (except for bedtime) by his 3rd birthday. I've also been making an effort to read my Bible more often (on my phone, with a tracking app), so I guess I could mark that one as being "in progress," too. :)


festive whoopie pie cookies

The final product :) Yum-o!

Bug enjoying a whoopie pie

Nursery Redux

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

playing catch-up!

Eek! I almost missed posting twice this month (this is only #1), but I have been busy -- as you'll see momentarily.

re: Crafting
I have not accomplished any of my goals in this category of the 101 in 1001 because I have been working on some test-knits & a few other personal projects for friends. The test-knit especially is taking longer than I'd thought as it requires a fair amount of attention (cables, body-shaping) and it's for me, so each row takes 30min or so...

re: Vacation/Travel
Nothing-doing here, either, though we did have a nice trip to PA to see family this past weekend & got to visit a petting zoo there.

re: Health/Fitness
I accomplished quite a bit in this category throughout June & July. I'm calling my C25K-style running program complete, even though I didn't do every single run. I ran (without walking) the 5K run with my mother in mid-June & I've run 3.1 miles at least one other time, so that -- to me -- means that I've accomplished the goal of being able to run 5K, whereas previously I couldn't, despite the fact that I didn't follow the program to the letter. In the last two weeks, I've also done a 5K mud run & a 5K Color Run (though, for full disclosure, I did not jog them entirely without taking breaks to walk). Finally, I'm still struggling with losing weight... I foresee a "real" diet in my future :(

More on the other categories tomorrow or Thursday!


Mud Run - Before & After

Color Run - Before & After