Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring has sprung... or has it?

We've been fighting off cold spells the last few nights, which makes me glad that I didn't find the time to plant my garden over Spring Break. Having 10 days in a row off was wonderful -- just long enough to spoil me into wishing for Summer Break!!  Bug has been growing like a weed. He measured 26" when we were visiting the PA grandparents over Palm Sunday weekend and I think he may have had another growth spurt the two days after we returned from PA.  In addition to all that, he has learned how to roll both front-to-back & back-to-front, though his shoulders are sometimes a bother in completing the roll successfully. Ooo! and I'm pretty sure munchkin is getting teeth... he's been drooling & gnawing on his (and everybody else's) hands like a rabid wolverine and I think I can finally feel a little something on his bottom gum. So, just in case, I thought I'd post one LASTmore toothless smile!