Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sweater for Bug

Well, i've finished it. Sort of. That is, i thought i'd finished it. But when i tried it on Bug, his little belly stuck out from under the ribbing... so i took another look at the pattern & realized that i'd inadvertently left off 20 rows of the body by counting the repetitions of the wrong cable! Sooooooooooooo... here is the finished project, until i get up the guts to try to add an extension onto the bottom.


Saturday, February 8, 2014

February Goals

Well, my goals for January didn't go as expected... but even so, I'm on-track for the 101 in 1001, with 4 projects completed & 9 projects in progress over the last 35 days...

Here's what i'm currently working on:

  • Online brioche knitting class
  •  Hubster's Socks
  • Aran sweater for Bug
  • Weight loss
  • Cleaning/Organizing the nursery, laundry room, & basement closet
  • Blogging regularly
  • Reading Agatha Christie's The Thirteen Problems (#96)

AND here are the other things i hope to accomplish this month:

  • Write up pattern for Braille Baby Blanket squares
  • Aran sweater for Ducky
  • Owl for Baby Mastropietro
  • Present for Baby Lee
  • Organize files in filing cabinet
It does seem like a lot, especially for a short month, but i like setting a high bar for myself... more than likely i'll finish one or two of the first list & one or two of the second list, & then something (or a few somethings) not on the list ;)