Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ballet in Baltimore

Lindy called me up on Thursday, wondering if i'd like to accompany her, S♥man, & L♥bear to the Moscow Ballet's Nutcracker. The ballet itself was pretty good -- maybe my memory of it being better when i was a kid has been clouded by age -- but the two dancers that stood out, IMHO were (surprisingly) not Masha & the Nutcracker or the Ballerina & her Prince, but the Arabian Dancers!

The four-block trip from the parking lot to the theatre was a little sketchy, thanks to some men (of a “religion” unknown to me) proselytizing at the open market… I stopped listening & encouraged the kids to hurry along after two specific comments – one putting down “the white man” & one that (rather graphically) described a certain intimacy between a man and a woman… there’s no cause for a 4y.o. or a 6y.o. to be subjected to that – it was, after all, more than enough to make me blush profusely. Don’t get me wrong, i’m all for “free speech," i just wish that there was a way to get away from it when you don’t want to hear it…

The trip home was fairly uneventful... IHOP for dinner!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas shopping...

... check! (okay, okay, there are still one or two little things left to buy, but mostly, it's DONE!)

Christmas knitting... almost finished (1 and 2 halves to go)
Christmas cookies... TBD on 12/18 at Crystal's Cookie Bake
Christmas cards... TBD (on Weds?)

ETA - the post from last week about the things i needed to do that day... mostly a FAIL. i did a little tiny bit of laundry, a good amount of football watching, & next-to-none on the voice conservation... luckily, my voice came back anyway... though i didn't end up getting to school for Tuesday's classes anyway, since i had to be X-rayed to find out if i had pneumonia... which i didn't ("just bronchitis").

Saturday, November 27, 2010

On tap for today...

1) Laundry.
2) Pick projects for new Ravelry group "12 in 2011"
3) Bake pies -- at least, 2 pumpkin... maybe more?
4) Watch some football
5) Conserve my voice so that it may come back before my classes on Tuesday

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Friday!

I just had to remind myself... the 5-day weekend throws me off!
I'm already getting spoiled to sleeping in :)

Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving... i know i did -- and i managed not to gorge myself this year, which makes me extraordinarily happy... i frequently forget that addage "Eat to live, do not live to eat"... i just enjoy food too much, i guess.  Which reminds me, i still have some pies to make...

I forgot to post about it, but last week i bought myself a new little toy -- it's a Flip SlideHD!! I have wanted a Flip video camera for some time & i don't usually splurge on the newest model, but Best Buy was having a sale... sooooo....
Anyway, i'm hoping that means i will be able to try out the "Talk to Me Tuesdays" sometime soon -- as i already feel much more comfortable with the Flip than my old not-really-intended-for-video digital camera. "We'll see," she thought doubtfully.  (But then, see, here i am blogging for the third[?] week in a row... )

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wow, yet another week has flown by...

This past Wednesday, i finally decided to take the plunge into some genealogy. I went over to my IL's house & my MIL taught me how to create my own family tree on Not much to report at this juncture, but i did get to see a copy of the original immigration document for my gr-gpa (the one that came from Germany).  I have been having trouble locating the newspapers that had the stories of my gma's death -- the same ones i found fairly easily a few years ago... i'm wondering if they've been taken offline, or if i am just not using the same search terms as i did back then...

In other news, i'm hoping to finish Rob's gloves & Rock's hat by band practice next Friday.  I have only 3 fingers & the embroidery left on the gloves, but i haven't started the hat at all yet... no matter, a hat can be finished in an evening (or two), provided i have the right yarn on hand...  (see projects page on Ravelry for details)

ETA - Oh! Something funny! The♥Hubster & i were going to go to the Alamo for the HP7:Pt1 movie & lunch -- but it has been completely sold out (minus the 8:00am "Pancake Pajama Party" showing tomorrow morning) for today through tomorrow's 9:40 showing!!  After all this time, HP is still THAT big.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

you know what really grinds my gears?...

... when it's so late you can't remember what it is that you wanted to complain about in the first place...

off to read a bit of The Color of Magic (Pratchett) & then bed!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

2 weeks in a row...

I feel like i should congratulate myself :) hahaha

I was super excited when Wednesday rolled around, because i've heard of this thing called "Wordless Wednesdays," where you post nothing but a picture/photo (& optional explanation in post title). Maybe i'll manage to do it this coming week...

Along the same lines, on Thursday i kept getting "Thirsty Thursday" in my head -- a moniker we had in college for the beginning of the (drinking) weekend... perhaps i will try to review beers on Thursdays... the problems with that are (1) i don't really drink a lot of beer anymore, since the♥hubster & i have been TTC and (2) i'm not really a connoisseur of anything, but least of all beer... at least, my preferences vary greatly from the♥hubster's & he knows a thing or two about beer, considering he has been a (home) brewer for years...

I also feel like i should have a "Word of the Week," since i often feel like my weeks have themes to them... so maybe "Theme of the Week" would be more appropriate... por ejemplo, this week's theme would probably be Nostalgia. I have had more dreams about old friends & random remembrances this week than in all of the last few years... the up-side of that is that i have been in contact with two friends (Lisa from grade school & Carrie from grad school). The down-side is that it's made me rather melancholy -- especially last night, in the car, on the way to band practice, when i was looking at the stars & city lights. Night often makes me melancholy, especially looking at city lights after everyone has cleared the street. Last night, it caused me to think about a conversation on probability, chaos, & skyscraper windows i had with some kid named Nick when we were taking care of my friend Jackie, who had a concussion. That conversation happened in 1998 -- see, isn't that weird!

Alright, time for a topic change: knitting.
I have had fairly fleet fingers the last few weeks.  I've turned out a number of hats for charity & i am currently working on a pair of gloves & a hat for two of the guys in the♥hubster's band -- not to mention the mystery hat for the♥hubster himself... i have realized that i am definitely more of a product knitter, despite my inability to keep from starting multiple projects at one time & my reticence to complete certain WIPs. I just adore trying to make something i haven't before, especially when there's a challenge to the pattern, or in rewriting it to fit my needs/preferences.

Chutchy has taken up knitting again (as of the beginning of this fall term), which pleases me. It's nice to have a family member who understands stash accumulation and pattern stalking... not to mention the potential for receiving a knitted item at Christmas that i didn't have to make for myself (i'm hoping for some dishcloths!)... i have a difficult time getting around to the patterns i want to knit for myself, since it's so much more fulfilling to give things away to others... yes, i realize that part of that fulfillment is selfish (i do so enjoy the positive feedback), but i have really been trying to wrap my head around & apply Matthew 6 (especially verses 1-8 & 19-21)... i find it to be one of the most convicting (in a good way) passages in the Bible, for me at least...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Like a new shade of nailpolish...*

I don't know what it is about starting a new blog that makes me determined to stick with it...
... but here i go again.

Someday i will transfer my older posts from my assorted blog-tastrophies & delete the daggone things!
Until then, i guess i will just focus on trying to post weekly here.

Wish me luck!!

* For those of you who don't know me, i've bitten my nails since i was 4. Every once in a while i get it in my head that "if i buy myself some new nail polish, then i will surely stop biting my nails"... to date, i have been unsuccessful, but that hasn't stopped me from buying a bottle of that must-have lacquer...