Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ballet in Baltimore

Lindy called me up on Thursday, wondering if i'd like to accompany her, S♥man, & L♥bear to the Moscow Ballet's Nutcracker. The ballet itself was pretty good -- maybe my memory of it being better when i was a kid has been clouded by age -- but the two dancers that stood out, IMHO were (surprisingly) not Masha & the Nutcracker or the Ballerina & her Prince, but the Arabian Dancers!

The four-block trip from the parking lot to the theatre was a little sketchy, thanks to some men (of a “religion” unknown to me) proselytizing at the open market… I stopped listening & encouraged the kids to hurry along after two specific comments – one putting down “the white man” & one that (rather graphically) described a certain intimacy between a man and a woman… there’s no cause for a 4y.o. or a 6y.o. to be subjected to that – it was, after all, more than enough to make me blush profusely. Don’t get me wrong, i’m all for “free speech," i just wish that there was a way to get away from it when you don’t want to hear it…

The trip home was fairly uneventful... IHOP for dinner!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas shopping...

... check! (okay, okay, there are still one or two little things left to buy, but mostly, it's DONE!)

Christmas knitting... almost finished (1 and 2 halves to go)
Christmas cookies... TBD on 12/18 at Crystal's Cookie Bake
Christmas cards... TBD (on Weds?)

ETA - the post from last week about the things i needed to do that day... mostly a FAIL. i did a little tiny bit of laundry, a good amount of football watching, & next-to-none on the voice conservation... luckily, my voice came back anyway... though i didn't end up getting to school for Tuesday's classes anyway, since i had to be X-rayed to find out if i had pneumonia... which i didn't ("just bronchitis").