Friday, July 13, 2012


I have been doing a pitiful job of updating my blog lately -- and it's all H's fault ;)

We're on Summer Break now, which has truly been a blessing --> it makes me feel better to have the summers off, since we can't afford for me to be a SAHM.  I'm not getting nearly as much cleaning/organizing finished as I'd originally planned, but I have been getting to spend ample time watching Bug grow... and it's amazing!!  To think that, at this time last year we were still more than 100 days from meeting him! I would've been about 23 weeks along & Bug would only have weighed about 1 lb! I remember reading about that milestone!! He was just beginning to hear music & the dog barking outside the womb... there have been many times I wondered how much this ability has influenced him -- he LOVES music (we're listening right now, as he plays with his toys).  Anyway, my little man now weighs almost 20 times as much as he did last year (in utero) & he's developed such a personality!

Here we are at the beach a couple weeks ago (end of June):