Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas shopping...

... check! (okay, okay, there are still one or two little things left to buy, but mostly, it's DONE!)

Christmas knitting... almost finished (1 and 2 halves to go)
Christmas cookies... TBD on 12/18 at Crystal's Cookie Bake
Christmas cards... TBD (on Weds?)

ETA - the post from last week about the things i needed to do that day... mostly a FAIL. i did a little tiny bit of laundry, a good amount of football watching, & next-to-none on the voice conservation... luckily, my voice came back anyway... though i didn't end up getting to school for Tuesday's classes anyway, since i had to be X-rayed to find out if i had pneumonia... which i didn't ("just bronchitis").

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