Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wow, yet another week has flown by...

This past Wednesday, i finally decided to take the plunge into some genealogy. I went over to my IL's house & my MIL taught me how to create my own family tree on Not much to report at this juncture, but i did get to see a copy of the original immigration document for my gr-gpa (the one that came from Germany).  I have been having trouble locating the newspapers that had the stories of my gma's death -- the same ones i found fairly easily a few years ago... i'm wondering if they've been taken offline, or if i am just not using the same search terms as i did back then...

In other news, i'm hoping to finish Rob's gloves & Rock's hat by band practice next Friday.  I have only 3 fingers & the embroidery left on the gloves, but i haven't started the hat at all yet... no matter, a hat can be finished in an evening (or two), provided i have the right yarn on hand...  (see projects page on Ravelry for details)

ETA - Oh! Something funny! The♥Hubster & i were going to go to the Alamo for the HP7:Pt1 movie & lunch -- but it has been completely sold out (minus the 8:00am "Pancake Pajama Party" showing tomorrow morning) for today through tomorrow's 9:40 showing!!  After all this time, HP is still THAT big.

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