Saturday, February 8, 2014

February Goals

Well, my goals for January didn't go as expected... but even so, I'm on-track for the 101 in 1001, with 4 projects completed & 9 projects in progress over the last 35 days...

Here's what i'm currently working on:

  • Online brioche knitting class
  •  Hubster's Socks
  • Aran sweater for Bug
  • Weight loss
  • Cleaning/Organizing the nursery, laundry room, & basement closet
  • Blogging regularly
  • Reading Agatha Christie's The Thirteen Problems (#96)

AND here are the other things i hope to accomplish this month:

  • Write up pattern for Braille Baby Blanket squares
  • Aran sweater for Ducky
  • Owl for Baby Mastropietro
  • Present for Baby Lee
  • Organize files in filing cabinet
It does seem like a lot, especially for a short month, but i like setting a high bar for myself... more than likely i'll finish one or two of the first list & one or two of the second list, & then something (or a few somethings) not on the list ;)


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