Monday, March 17, 2014

101 update

We had snow today & I (re)finished Bug's aran sweater just in time -- except he wasn't too thrilled to wear it (because it covered his St. Patty's shirt) & I think this may be the last cold snap of the year, so it's looking like "Bug's aran" (#17) is going to become "Ducky's aran" (#18).

Here's a quick picture of the before & after, followed by a photo of Bug modeling it...

The only thing I'm currently making progress on right now is my 30 days without caffeine -- I decided to give it up for Lent, because it's kind of a weird thing to have to explain to people otherwise... I'm still dragging a bit, but my headaches stopped within a few days. Yesterday morning I looked at the calendar & realized, sadly, that I still have 5 whole weeks left without coffee or chocolate (or Diet Dr. Pepper, &c.)... it's going to be a long 35 days...


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