Thursday, February 17, 2011

I eat my peas with honey...

... I've done it all my life
It may seem kinda funny
But it keeps them on the knife

I've been saying that poem in my head (& frequently aloud, as well) every time I eat peas since I was a little girl.  It was passed on to me by my mother, who in turn got it from her grandfather.  My great-grandfather was always ready with a joke (especially a wry one) & I think he is the one from whom I inherited my sense of humor.  Granted, the jokes I make are not especially funny -- let's be honest, they're groaners -- but the important part is that I make myself laugh.  This fact is, apparently, not missed by my students. "Mrs. M," one said last year, "you really crack yourself up, don't you?!" and this year another student told me I was "much closer to the 300 mark" after learning that six-year-olds laugh approximate 300 times a day, while adults generally laugh 10 - 100 times per day. 

Whatever my daily tally, I am truly blessed to have the Joy of the Lord -- it is a comfort to me when I am down & out and always adds that little spring back to my step ... so that I can eat my peas whichever way I please ;)

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