Friday, February 18, 2011

taking a step out of my comfort zone

I decided, while listening to a radio show today, that I have just let the government happen to me. Don't get me wrong, I certainly cherish my right to vote & use it every 2 years or so, but I generally avoid politics other than that.  Today I broke my silence -- I signed a petition supporting the Pence Amendment to stop government support of Planned Parenthood & keep taxpayers from having to unwillingly fund abortions.

I would pat myself on the back, but I know that this is all God's doing ;)
I really feel that He has a plan for my life and I have been making an effort to really listen for what His Will is for me. I actually took the Alter Call for Special Prayers this past Sunday (another thing that would normally make me uncomfortable). Pastor Chris prayed over me and I wept as my heart cried out to God to make me an instrument of His Will.  God is moving, folks... in my life, in the church, and in our tormented little world.
Maran atha!

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